Jaspan Schlesinger LLP partner Robert Londin will moderate the fourth episode of a five-part webinar series dedicated to private Mergers and Acquisitions transactions.  The series spans from early transaction concerns and planning to key provisions of transaction documents, and Rob serves as moderator for the entire series.   “On to the next; we recently concluded episode number three which addressed the general M &A process.  Episode number four tackles deal points arising in connection with post-closing matters” noted Robert Londin of the JSLLP Corporate and Commercial Transactions Group.  Episode Four of the series from Financial Poise debuts on the West LegalEd Center on November 5, 2020.  In addition, Robert agreed to moderate the five-part 2021 M &A Boot Camp Series as well as the 2021 three-part Start-Up/Small Business Advisor series.  Both series are presented by Financial Poise debuts on the West LegalEd Center.

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